Ways to reclaim your positive energy (Part 2 of 2)

Ways to reclaim your positive energy (Part 2 of 2)

How to turn negative situations into positive ones

In this article, I will discuss how external deposits of energy can provide you with bounce-back energy. This forms part of the Positive Energy Canvas. A previous article on the Positive Energy Canvas focused on internal sources of positive energy as well as on caring for yourself.

Celebrate the contributions of others

The following examples show how we can accumulate positive energy by celebrating the contributions of other people.

  • Be brave enough to stop criticism or a negative situation in a meeting by asking: “What have we as individuals done right? What contributions can we celebrate?”
  • Develop the habit of first appreciating before criticising or giving advice. For example: “I like what you did with this project. Combining A and B really works well. I wonder whether there is a way to integrate C into your project as well?”

Appreciate people

  • When you hear positive feedback on someone else’s work, family or appearance, make an effort to personally share this with the person.
  • Before a meeting, take some time to reflect on the previous meeting by listing some of the contributions made by other people. At an appropriate time during the meeting, mention something like: “When you made that comment about our process in yesterday’s meeting, it really focused our discussion and helped us to move forward.”

Validate opinions

Meetings often get messy because people feel they are not being heard. Put the energy back in the discussion by validating the different contributions: “What I am hearing you say is […]. I can understand that is a concern for your Department.” OR: “What I am hearing you say is in line with the company’s vision. I am wondering whether there is a way forward while accommodating both views.”

Empower people

The saying goes: Givers get! Look for ways to make other people succeed. For example:

  • Share your knowledge.
  • Coach and empower younger people. If you are a new-generation techno fundi, share and coach older people.
  • Share decision-making power and responsibility.
  • Slow down processes for newcomers and get them on track.
  • Share the big picture and strategic knowledge that will assist and empower others.

Reinforce positive behaviour

Reflect on the Positive Energy Canvas and choose one lifestyle habit or behaviour that you want to change.

  • On a personal note: Decide to spend more time and resources on yourself. For example: Enrol for art classes, go for facials, play golf, or have coffee with a friend or colleague.
  • At work: Take note when people are doing the right thing in the right way. Celebrate, appreciate, validate and empower them.

Stop negative self-talk

Do you catch yourself saying things like the following?

  • I don’t think I am good enough to do […]
  • I do not want to apply for a job because they won’t consider me.
  • I better put my needs on hold for the sake of the team/family.
  • I better please my colleagues/friends /family because […]
  • To prove myself, I must always be the best.

Take a positive approach

Stop criticising yourself and others. One of the best ways to change behaviour is to reinforce positive behaviour. When you catch yourself in a negative mode, stop and rephrase your thoughts by turning them into positive self-appreciation or self-validation.

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Elsa Simpson is an experienced facilitator, trainer, counsellor and coach. She conducts workshops and team-builds for organisations. She also facilitates individual processes for personal growth and development. Contact her at elsa@clariact.com, call 021 982 7038 or 083 782 1249, or visit www.clariact.com.

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