Social Media is a Package Deal

Social MediaSocial Media is a package deal. Use it correctly and you could boost your business and your image. But how do you reach the right audience? How do you ensure that your brand is appropriate to the clientele that you wish to attract to your business?

Let’s start with the characteristics of the most useful social media entities.

LinkedIn: Your skills and competency platform with super networking possibilities

LinkedIn is probably the fastest growing professional networking social media platform in the western world. Out of the roughly 600 million professionals globally, LinkedIn now attracts over 150 million users – that is about 2 new users per second! These days professionals are classified as anyone with tertiary education and at least 3 years of working experience. As an individual you can complete your profile on the site, add in all your working experience and education as well as any extras such as your skills and achievements. You can follow companies that interest you or join groups that are particular to your industry or skills. The biggest advantage is that you can network with like-minded people or make connections that can advance your business or aid in job searches.

Twitter: Getting yourself known in cyberspace

Twitter is known as micro-blogging because you can only make comments or post information of 140 characters at a time. Your tweet-addy is the handle or signature that is particular to you, so think carefully about how you want your name or business displayed, but the visual effect can be very creative and allows you to reach a wider audience of followers who are interested in your brand. You can tweet about anything, from your own opinion to your business activities or simply to retweet someone else’s comments or information. The greatest advantage is the possibility of viral marketing if you can amass enough followers that have an interest in your ideas.

Facebook: More than social

Facebook used to be purely social, but lately companies are increasing their brand and advertising by creating a page so that more and more people can like it and spread their preferences to their friends. A company page now offers information, competitions and other marketing tools to attract more customers and interest.

Pinterest: Purely visual

Pinterest is the new electric vision board that returns the viewer to the original website after a picture is pinned to an interest board. So the more images you have on your website, the more pins can be repinned to drive traffic to your business.

No modern company website is without the icons for Twitter or Facebook and depending on the nature of the business, LinkedIn has become the third choice for visitors to follow them. Many companies use Google+ or alternatives such as Flickr or Diggit and it may be that Pinterest will join the ranks of the top 5, but it seems that for a successful package deal, you definitely have to have a combination of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

It’s this collaboration between the social media platforms that drive more viewers to your website and builds your brand. That’s why it’s very important to synchronise your social media to portray the brand that you want people to recognise as synonymous with your business. Make sure that your logos are the same for all your social media platforms and that you refer to each other to complete the circle. Most importantly be consistent and spend at least 5min per social media per day. Soon you’ll see the tangible benefits!


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