Customer experience mapping: Own the moment and Take Five

Disney strongly focuses on creating magical customer experiences for visitors. Bruce Temkin, a customer experience expert, let me in on two of their secrets: Owning the moment and Take Five.

Customer experience mapping: Own the moment and Take Five

Always know who owns the moment

Scott Hudgins, vice-president of Customer Managed Relationships at The Walt Disney Company, states that “No one owns the customer, but someone always owns the moment”.

We do not own our customers, but we can own the different moments in our customer journey. If we know what customers are experiencing while interacting with us, we can help to provide them with relevant experiences.

How does Disney do this?

  • When people inquire about a trip Disney sends them a DVD which allows them to make customised maps of the parks.
  • When someone books, Disney sends a welcome mailer to reinforce the decision and reduce buyer’s remorse. This has brought down cancellations by 30%.

The bottom line: The people in your company must be tasked and empowered to help customers move from one interaction with your organisation to the next.

The big question: Do you know who owns each moment with your customers?

Take five minutes every day

We all agree that when customers experience unexpected value it builds loyalty to the company or organisation.

Disney trains its cast members (employees) on a programme called Take Five. Staff members are expected to take five minutes from their typical daily duties to do something special for their guests. They call it being “aggressively friendly”.

We are not talking about things like paying someone’s parking. It must be linked to a need of the customer. For example: When one staff member discovered a guest who was ill, she went to buy some chicken soup and brought it to guest’s room.

Two big questions:
Does your organisation encourage employees to look for and act on appropriate opportunities to help customers?
Does your company measure, incentivise and celebrate employees who go above and beyond their duties to help customers – in five-minute segments?

When we plot our customers’ journey we often find areas that require attention. One of the best ways to discover opportunities for five-minute magical moments is to look at your business from the customer’s perspective.

Creating WOW experiences for your customers

Who is owning the moment in terms of contact with your customers? What have you and your client-side employees done recently to create five minutes’ worth of magical moments for your customers? Discuss this with your employees and highlight successes.

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