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Dalene Crafford is a Cape Town based professional food stylist, food tutor and recipe developer. Her philosophy is that food should always saturate the senses. Dalene creates wellness recipes with an indulgent touch. She specialises in developing Real Food low-carb and gluten-free recipes. Her recipes are specifically developed for busy people on the go. They are all quick, easy, foolproof and scrumptious! Get a taste of Dalene's Real Food recipes at www.conca.co.za. Contact Dalene at dalenecr@mweb.co.za, or on 082 562 9787, or follow her on Twitter @DaleneCrafford.

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Spanish Chicken and Chorizo Pan-Stir

Are you on a low-carb eating plan? This Real Food pan-stir is the perfect dish for you! Hidden tapas bars in narrow back streets. Rustic wooden tables. Full-bodied smoky flavours. Robust tastes of Spain in a bowl! This Spanish pan-stir uses chorizo – a spicy Spanish pork sausage, seasoned with paprika and garlic. You’ll find […]

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Pesto Chicken

Pesto Chicken Bites for Two (High-protein, Low-carb, Gluten-free)

A super versatile Good Food Diet  chicken recipe Bite-sized pieces of chicken breast fillet, stir-fried with onion and seasoned with bold, flavourful green or red pesto and lemon juice. For creaminess, sprinkle with a little feta cheese. For crunchiness, top with chopped, toasted almonds. And for extra zing, sprinkle with freshly grated lemon zest. Super […]

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Lemon and Granadilla Yoghurt Treats (Gluten-free)

Delightful smooth and lemony Good Food Diet desserts, topped with exotic granadilla. These cool, tangy yoghurt desserts are super refreshing. Perfect to end, or even start, a summer meal. With their seductively sweet-tart flavour they also deserve a place on Indian, Oriental, Greek and Middle Eastern menus. Purple passion Passion fruit and granadilla are two […]

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Rustic Bacon and Walnut Brown Rice (Gluten-free)

A gluten-free Good Food Diet rice dish – high in fibre and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids Want to boost your fibre and Omega 3 intake and at the same time enjoy a delicious, comforting dish? Yes, you can! This rustic rice dish with its smoky bacon and walnut flavours, balanced by fresh, raw […]

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Incredible Peanut Butter Cookies (Gluten-free and Dairy-free!)

More Good Food Diet sweet temptations to tuck into – These gluten-free and dairy-free peanut butter cookies are really incredible. They’re easy to make: Simply mix five ingredients and bake. In no time, you’ll have yummy, crunchy peanut butter cookies to enjoy with coffee or slip into a lunchbox. The recipe comes in many variations, […]

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Cooking Classes

GOOD FOOD DIET COOKING STUDIO FOOD IS GOOD – BUT GOOD FOOD IS BETTER WELLNESS COOKING CLASSES Do you want a healthier lifestyle but without sacrificing delectable food? Or are you looking for a WOW! dinner party menu that is both nutritious and indulgent? Or have you run out of mouth-watering healthy food ideas for […]

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Gluten-free Cooking Classes

GOOD FOOD DIET COOKING STUDIO FOOD IS GOOD – BUT GOOD FOOD IS BETTER GLUTEN-FREE COOKING CLASSES Newly diagnosed as gluten-intolerant? Coeliac disease? No idea where to start? Do you want a healthier, gluten-free lifestyle but without sacrificing delectable food? Have you run out of great gluten-free food ideas for your family? Want to plan […]

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Gluten-free Baked Custard Tart

Another Good Food Diet gluten-free treat This gluten-free custard tart has a rich-tasting filling and light crust which is quick and easy to make (no rolling!). The most unusual ingredient in this recipe is rice flour which you will find in the health food section of your supermarket, deli or pharmacy. You probably have the […]

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Cuban Picadillo (a spiced ground beef dish)

A Good Food Diet Cuban classic with spiced ground beef Think Cuba. Think cigars, Ché Guevara, Castro and classic 1950s cars. Also think picadillo (pronounced pee-kah-DEE-yoh), a very simple, everyday dish enjoyed throughout Cuba. Picadillo is not Cuba-specific; it’s a Latin-American dish that is highly popular in Spanish-speaking countries. You’ll find it featuring in various […]

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Green Pea and Mint Salad (Gluten-free)

An irresistible Good Food Diet salad that’s healthy, fragrant and fibre-boosting too. This refreshing salad with its cool mint and sweet and sour flavours is filled with textures, colour and, best of all, loads of fibre. It boasts sweet green garden peas (from your freezer!), brown rice, black lentils, crunchy red onion and fresh mint […]

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