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The Colour Red

Taking a closer look at the colour red

The names of colours have always fascinated me. Not the names of the colours in the rainbow – like red or blue – but the names of red and blue when used to describe the colour of lipstick, paint, cars or even qualities. Think Jazz Red lip gloss, a Volcano Red car, Signal Red paint […]

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How to write a bio for your business

A biography – also called a bio – is basically a short CV to give your target audience an instant overview of you and your business. You need a bio to give to prospective clients, to put in a proposal, application or conference brochure, or to post on LinkedIn or a website. It can make […]

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What does your business card say about you?

Printed business cards are still important – even in a world flooded with electronic communication. When you are giving someone a well-designed business card, you are saying: “I’m real and my business is real. Because I respect myself and I respect you as a client or colleague, I’ve put in some effort to make my business […]

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How long does it take you to say hi or goodbye?

There’s a saying that, after a good get-together, Afrikaans people greet without going while English people go without greeting. Some people take ages to say goodbye while others are so brief that they come across as bad-mannered. What does the way in which we greet say about us and our culture? Look at this typical […]

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Tools for language lovers, copywriters and translators

People often ask what resources I use to write copy, translate texts, source creative concepts and edit documents. This is my list. A bilingual dictionary: A good bilingual dictionary is essential for creating or cleaning up text. Also, read the usage guidelines at the beginning of the dictionary. It sounds obvious because we all know […]

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How to write headlines that hook people

A headline should invite people to actually read the full article it is referring to. Headings and subheadings are becoming increasingly important as people scan content before deciding to read the entire text. Here’s help to avoid horrible headlines. These pointers, in no particular order, can help you to write titles that draw people into your text: […]

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Add some love to what you write

Love letters are said to be among the texts we pay the most attention to when we write or read them. We savour every single word and sense the feeling value of it. We read between the lines to pick up on suggestions, deeper meanings and more.  If only we could put some of this […]

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Easy ways to make your text more readable

I’m one of those people who can’t read a newspaper without a pen at hand to edit the text. Terrible, I know. But well-groomed text is just such a pleasure to read. Here are tips that I have gathered over many years of editing and reading. Punctuation marks and other scribbles This is just a […]

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We manipulate conversations, as you know …

Research shows that we use various ways to manipulate conversations. If we learn to listen more closely, we will be able to distinguish between the real message and the loaded one – you know what I mean? Here are some of the ways in which we consciously or unconsciously stage-manage our conversations. Assuring expressions and […]

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Don’t drink cappuccino at a place that can’t spell it

If cappuccino is spelt correctly on a menu, the chances of you getting an excellent cuppa is good. If it is spelt incorrectly, get up and go to another coffee shop.Why? If a restaurant can’t even take care of its menu, how will it take care of you? I’m a sucker for a good coffee […]

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