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What makes a reserve wine special?

Selecting an appropriate wine is always tricky – especially if you want to buy wine for a special occasion or as a gift. Red or white, wooded or unwooded, fresh and fruity or big and heavy? You don’t want to poison your partner or client with a dodgy homebrew you found in a corner café. […]

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Customer experience mapping: Own the moment and Take Five

Disney strongly focuses on creating magical customer experiences for visitors. Bruce Temkin, a customer experience expert, let me in on two of their secrets: Owning the moment and Take Five. Always know who owns the moment Scott Hudgins, vice-president of Customer Managed Relationships at The Walt Disney Company, states that “No one owns the customer, but someone always […]

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Ways to reclaim your positive energy

Ways to reclaim your positive energy (Part 2 of 2)

How to turn negative situations into positive ones In this article, I will discuss how external deposits of energy can provide you with bounce-back energy. This forms part of the Positive Energy Canvas. A previous article on the Positive Energy Canvas focused on internal sources of positive energy as well as on caring for yourself. […]

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Pesto Chicken

Pesto Chicken Bites for Two (High-protein, Low-carb, Gluten-free)

A super versatile Good Food Diet  chicken recipe Bite-sized pieces of chicken breast fillet, stir-fried with onion and seasoned with bold, flavourful green or red pesto and lemon juice. For creaminess, sprinkle with a little feta cheese. For crunchiness, top with chopped, toasted almonds. And for extra zing, sprinkle with freshly grated lemon zest. Super […]

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The Colour Red

Taking a closer look at the colour red

The names of colours have always fascinated me. Not the names of the colours in the rainbow – like red or blue – but the names of red and blue when used to describe the colour of lipstick, paint, cars or even qualities. Think Jazz Red lip gloss, a Volcano Red car, Signal Red paint […]

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How to take calculated risks

Life is uncertain and no one knows everything. Every single day, we are faced with choices or decisions without having at our disposal all the information that could influence the outcomes of these choices or decisions. Some of these decisions come with major risks that could have a substantial impact on the way the future […]

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